climate change signs in the cloud!


Aeronode invites participants to air their views on climate change and other similarly persistent environmental crises. During the exhibition in Flint, Michigan (Nov. 5-17, 2022), visitors to the UCEN Gallery will be able to pen their thoughts with quills on note papers and then nail them to the clouds — painted on the walls of the gallery — for other visitors to read. Online visitors can leave their thoughts in the 'cloud' also, using this website. You can also read what others have to say about climate change.

Gather your thoughts. Your insights, concerns, observations, and ideas are an essential component of this project. The statements that you write will be added to the Aeronode cloud archive for others to read.

Since mainstream news has a spotty record of covering these troubling topics with the urgency that they deserve, the eco-arts collective Transnational Temps formed in 2001 to serve as a corrective to that culture of denial. The Aeronode project is third in a series of participative art projects by Transnational Temps on the theme of climate change, following the Terranode (2004-2005) and the Aquanode (2006).